Motorola E398 USB Data Cable and Charger Modification

Motorola is difficult mobile phone, when you are trying to replace the charger with non-original one, then the phone will tell you “Invalid Charger”. To avoid this case, this tutorial below is show you how to modification data cable which enable for both for charging or transferring data. So your Motorola data cable will more [...]

Motorola E398 USB Data Cable and Charger Modification

Free Nokia Firmware Files

01 August 2008

here is some Nokia Firmware files, for other phone type i will add immediately RM-272_0551_3500c RM-303_0581_5310 RM-337_0341_v1_6300i N1650_RM-305_MCU_ALL_v411-v530

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Useful Links for i-mobile Driver

22 July 2008

here is the download link for USB driver i-mobile, modem driver for i-mobile is also available here USB Driver i-mobile modem driver

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Stop Paying For Sh*t

11 July 2008

What follows is a short compendium of scams, grifts, cons, and general recommendations for the perpetration of blatant thievery, all centered around the exploitable playground that is the University. Yet this isn’t a guide just for college students. On the contrary, the majority of the tactics described herein are intended to be put at the [...]

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Motorola E398 Dead, How to Revive

05 July 2008

There is no big deal if your motorola E398 suddenly dead. I will show you step by step how to bring your motorola E398 live again. all you need is: 1. Dead Motorola E398 2. USB data cable for motorola E398 3. Moto Repair Studio Trial Version ( i’ll tell you where to get it [...]

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